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The requirement of registering to vote before being able to cast a ballot has been integral to how our democracy functions. Every vote counts! Use the link above to register to vote and then learn the many ways you may cast your ballet. 
Click the link above to find petitions for Republican candidate filing for offices in the 2024 election.  Contact the WCRCC Chair for Precinct Committeeperson petitions and filing information.
To learn more about becoming an election judge in either the City of Rockford or Winnebago County, please click the link above. You will find information on pay for Election Judges, Applications to become an Election Judge, and many other resources to understand the responsibilities of serving as an Election Judge in the City of Rockford or Winnebago County.
Illinois Republicans have had a special calling since our birth as a political party. Following in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Everett Dirksen and Henry Hyde. We strive to advance our founding father’s principles of freedom, opportunity, and limited government. We believe in caring for the dignity and value of every individual and providing strong leaders who serve both State and Country with honor and distinction. To learn more, click the link above
  • America First For Illinois
  • Protect Our Heritage
  • Condemnation of the Chinese Communist Party
  • Never One Man’s Rule
  • Defend the Police
  • Educational Choice
  • End Corruption
  • Culture of Life
  • The Real War on Women
  • Fix the Fiscal Fiasco
  • Stop the Tax Hike Amendment
  • Local Government Access to Federal Bankruptcy Court
  • State Entity Access to Federal Bankruptcy Court
With petition circulation now underway for the 2022 Election, we are continuing to recruit viable and qualified candidates to represent our party on the ballot.
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